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Turnkey web solutions to common business problems, from $500 to 5k.

  • Zip Code Locator
    Do you have a number of "brick and mortar" locations that you want people to find quickly easily? Let your visitors enter their zip code to automatically receive the physical address of the nearest store or outlet.
  • Shopping Cart System
    Ready to launch your business in to the digital age? Customer-Centered Interactive can fast-forward your venture with proven eCommerce solutions for ease of maintenance, usability and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    Do you wish you didn't have to track down your webmaster every time you wanted to update your site? With online content management, you can do it yourself. It's as simple as using Microsoft Word. Forget having to learn HTML or FTP programs. Customer-Centered Interactive will show you methods that are easy, cost effective, and fast.
  • Event Calendar
    Do you find it tedious and time consuming to update your HTML event calendar? Do you even have an online event calendar? Publish events to the web with an easy-to-use calendar publishing system. Browser-based editing means you don't have to waste time learning HTML or FTP programs. Simply edit and publish your events for web viewing in an easy to read calendar format.
  • Membership Database
    Are you involved in a membership driven organization that needs to collect, publish and search through member information? Allow your site visitors to instantly become a member or search through the membership database with highly customizable search features. Owners can add, approve, edit, or delete records. General records can be added to a SECURE membership database by everyone or strictly by the owner. Many options are ready when you are... send Customer-Centered Interactive your Excel spreadsheet or other data files and they'll be searchable online in a day!
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