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Process: Evaluation

"What water?" said the fish. There is such a thing as being too close.

Remember that school paper you labored over night and day, reviewing and revising until your eyes were sore? You handed it in only to find errors remaining, or at least some room for improvement. To quote Shakespeare, "To err is human."

Communications/software, like all systems with unique and interdependent organs of purpose, requires review and revision throughout its development cycle. Programmers especially know that bugs will find the ointment. There's probably even a recent patch for the browser you're using right now. Finding and fixing errors and bugs is part of every communications/software project. And it doesn't take a programmer to find them.

There are many aspects of communications/software that can be evaluated for accuracy and met expectations. Customer-Centered Interactive likes every client to employ the following types of evaluation:
  • Proofing
    All text is matched against the approved Content Outline for message accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style consistency.
  • Display
    The final product is matched against the approved visual comprehensives ("comp's") for inconsistencies to report and revise.
  • Functionality
    All links, scripts, and interactive features (both client and server-side) must work according to approved specifications.
  • Performance
    File access, rendering times, and media streams must perform according specifications and expectations.
  • Usability
    Customer-Centered Interactive provides additional in-depth usability testing by agreement performed according to an approved Test Plan in a specialized usability-testing lab.
The best eyes for testing are those seeing a project for the first time. Subcontracted specialists for web/multimedia testing often augment Customer-Centered Interactive's capabilities. This ensures every expectation of quality is met.

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