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Process: Design

To access, we navigate; to navigate, we organize.

Let's face it, there are a myriad of ways to organize and present your message and information. Information architecture, user interface design, and graphic design are unique disciplines. Each merits years of learning and practice before they are applicable for your unique business challenges. When you hire Customer-Centered Interactive, you're hiring expertise in each of these disciplines, as well as their optimal integration and technical execution.

There are two main areas to organize for interactive media: content and functionality. A major project milestone is your approval of your content and functionality map, or "information architecture" (IA). With your project's IA approved, navigation is easily solved. Once a navigation scheme is in place, your project's important color scheme is drafted, reviewed, and revised as necessary.

It all comes together in comprehensive visual compositions of representative screens ("pages") for your review and approval.

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Any design work that can't stand up to the objectives of your approved Project Plan are revised. Production begins when the comprehensive visual design receives your stamp of approval

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