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Quote: "If you can't describe what you're doing as a process, then you don't know what you're doing." —W. Edwards Deming

A recipe without process is nothing more than ingredients randomly mixed together. For the whole to equal more than the sum of its parts, process determines the relationships between ingredients—how they act with or counter-act each other to create the consumer's experience. The same holds true for communications/software (web sites).

Change happens...

It would be nice to say that there's one right way of working through all communications/software problems, but there isn't. Paradoxically, a structured process actually helps make your solution unique. Like an earthquake-safe building, the right amount of flexibility in the right places ensures that your project holds up when the tectonics shift.

Processes for traditional media design and production, long institutionalized, can be put aside. Newer interactive media development processes, however, are still maturing. Processes continue to solidify but many variations and confused terms still exist.

When it comes to interactive media, process is the passion of Customer-Centered Interactive. Customer-Centered Interactive has a proven track record in the areas of budget, schedule, and sanity. Efficiency is never underestimated.

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