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To create the best communications/software, you'll need access to the best practices for media strategy, design, technology and evaluation.

get adobe acrobatThe following is a selection of articles for client and colleague access.

These articles are in PDF format. Acrobat Reader is required

  • Market research on the Web: guidelines for success
    Read this Article from Communication World, Oct-Nov. 1998

  • Effective Information Architecture
    Read this Article from WebTechniques, Sept. 2001

  • Taking A Content Inventory
    Read this Article from WebTechniques, Sept. 2001

  • Web Design for Information Problem-Solving: Maximizing Value for Users
    Read this Article from Computers in Libraries, May 1997

  • It's All In The Process
    Read this Article from Adobe Magazine, Spring 1997

  • Turning Chaos into Order: Managing Web Projects
    Read this Article from Web Techniques, Jan 2000

  • Usability Tools, A Useful Start
    Read this Article from Web Techniques, Aug 2000

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