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Every enterprise needs to engage and influence people. Customer-Centered Interactive will bridge the gap between you and the people who keep your business afloat.

Yesterday's news: techno hype, dot-com mania, and gold rush failures. Some have learned their lesson. Others have not. The dot-com survivors—Google, Amazon, eBay, and others—all share one common characteristic: an intense, laser-sharp focus on their customer's experience while using their communications/software.

Do you want your customer's first impression of your business to be handled by a technophile who confuses usability with functionality? How about a graphics guru without a deep understanding of technical capabilities and limitations? Sure, they might have their strengths. But their weaknesses should not become yours.

Customer-Centered Interactive provides a unique balance of strategic, technical, creative and usability competencies. The lessons of the dot-com bubble and burst are Customer-Centered's stock in trade. Put them to use for you now

With a tried and true process, we can turn the poles of creativity and technology in to a motor for moving your enterprise forward

Helping users help themselves
Helping clients relate to customers
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